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 The consulting services offered, cover the full spectrum of groundwater resource exploration, evaluation, development, monitoring and management activities to ensure the wise, responsible and sustainable exploitation of these resources


 The initial company VSA Earth Science Consultants became VSA GeoConsultants to give effect to affirmative action policies and the establishment of related offshore companies

 Acquisition of VSA GeoConsultants by Set Point Technology Holdings Limited, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange

 Management Buy-out from the Set Point Technology Group which resulted in the establishment of the VSA GeoConsultants Group of companies, of which VSA Leboa Consulting (Pty) Ltd was a subsidiary

 VSA Leboa then created the subsidiary company VSA Rebotile Metsi Consulting (Pty) Ltd with a 51% BB-BEE status (Level 2)

 Currently six permanent staff and one part-time associate

 Operating mainly in Limpopo and Mpumalanga, but also across South Africa and internationally on occasion

 Clients include government institutions, local and regional authorities, consulting environmental and engineering firms, mining companies and corporations, water boards as well as private individuals


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