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The VSA companies started out in 1991 as VSA Earth Science Consultants cc.  Rapid growth during the first four years of operation and the capacity to become involved on international projects, required some restructuring and VSA GeoConsultants (Pty) Ltd was incorporated in 1995.  This transformation not only provided the opportunity to give effect to affirmative action policies, but also provided the framework for the establishment of related offshore companies.  The success achieved internationally provided the stimulus for a global vision which culminated in the acquisition of VSA GeoConsultants by Set Point Technology Holdings Limited, a company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, on the 1st of November 1997. In June 2000 the Divisional Management of VSA GeoConsultants was offered a Management Buy-out from the Set Point Technology Group which resulted in the establishment of the VSA GeoConsultants Group of companies, of which VSA Leboa Consulting (Pty) Ltd was a subsidiary company, again with the aim of providing shareholding and management positions to historically disadvantaged persons (HDI) and companies (HDC).  During June 2008 VSA Leboa bought the shares held by the VSA Group of companies and established a subsidiary company VSA Rebotile Metsi Consulting (Pty) Ltd with a 51% BEE status.


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